BreweryDB API Upgrade – Search, Ingredients, more!

Today we’re excited to announce a huge update to the BreweryDB API that we’ve been working for the last several months.  We’ve added some new features and optimized a lot of the underlying architecture to drastically increase the responsiveness of the API.  Without further ado, here are some of the highlights!

Completely overhauled search engine

We’ve rebuilt the search engine from the ground up to be more user-friendly and to help make finding exactly what you’re looking much more reliable.

New ingredients endpoints

You’ve been asking for it, now you’ve got it!  We’ve overhauled the ingredients endpoint and added more metadata than you can shake a stick at.  The documentation will tell you all of the details, but there are four new endpoints: yeast, fermentable, hop, and adjunct.  These each now return more than just the name of the ingredient; each ingredient has a number of associated metadata fields that gets returned.  This would be perfect information for someone building, say, a recipe creator?

Change endpoint

For the last few months, we have been tracking all the changes that happen BreweryDB.  Adding a beer?  Updating a brewery location?  We’ve kept a record.  We’ve been sending these updates out to our premium users as web hook notifications, but now that data is available via the change endpoint.  The change endpoint provides a really cool running history of what has happened with BreweryDB.  This endpoint is only available to our premium users.

Documentation update

The documentation pages now have a list of possible return fields for each of the primary endpoints.  This should help explain some of the more obscure fields as well as allow you to know what kinds of data you can expect to be returned.

Other updates

  • The socialaccounts endpoints and flags now return the actual link that you can use to link to the social site for a given beer, brewery, guild, or event.  You no longer have to build that link yourself.
  • You can now use the withImages filter on /beers, /breweries, /guilds, and /events
  • If you’re using Webhooks, you will now also be passed the sub attribute ID of what was changed so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.
  • In case you missed it, there are new /beer/random and /brewery/random endpoints so that you can retrieve a random beer or brewery.  These both support the withImages filter too.
  • Significant improvements have been made on the backend to improve performance of the API.  We’ve upgraded infrastructure to more powerful servers and used some aggressive caching techniques, all so we can deliver results to you faster.

We hope you enjoy these new features.  We are already working on the next great list of features for the API, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, sign up today! Now Optimized To Your Device


 Ever visited on your mobile phone?  If you have, you know that the site wasn’t always easy to navigate on such a small device.  Today, that is no longer a problem!

We have redesigned the website to be completely responsive.  That means that no matter what device you visit our site on, you get an experience that is optimized especially for you.  Mobile phone?  Check.  Tablet?  Check.  Computer?  Check.

All of the functionality for the site has been optimized, meaning you can even edit or add beers to BreweryDB directly from your mobile device.  Developers, never fear, all of your developer tools and documentation have been optimized, too!

For you iOS users, we have also enabled to function in “webapp” mode, meaning you can save a bookmark to to your home screen and use the app just like a native app.

We hope you enjoy this new update.

Announcing BreweryMap HD for iPad


Who ever said bigger wasn’t always better?  Introducing BreweryMap HD for iPad, your source for finding breweries and beers from all over the world, now optimized for the best selling tablet in the world.

With BreweryMap HD for iPad, you get all the features of that you have come to expect from BreweryMap, and a few extras!

  • Search by location and brewery name
  • Make a road trip
  • Search for breweries nearby
  • Brewery details
  • Beer details (abv, description, availability, color, ingredients, food pairings, and more!)
  • View brewery logo and beer label images
  • Filter the location types to see only what you’re interested in (micro, macro, brewpub, restaurant, etc.)
  • See closed and/or in planning breweries
  • Discover a new featured brewery every week

The iPad’s large display gives allows BreweryMap HD to show you a ton of information about your favorite breweries and beers.  BreweryMap HD is also optimized for retina iPads, giving you a crystal clear picture of breweries nearby.

1 copy

Perfect for road trips, BreweryMap HD can guide you to all the best breweries along your way.

3 copy

No other beer app gives you as much information about beers and breweries.  BreweryMap HD connects directly to BreweryDB, delivering the latest information for thousands and beers and breweries.

4 copy

BreweryMap HD for iPad is your complete solution to #findTheSource of your favorite beers on your iPad.  Download it today in the iOS app store.

New With New Foundation


This morning, we have released an update to, refocusing the site on our users and offering some easier ways for you to browse and submit data to BreweryDB!  We’ve also given our entire service a new foundation, ensuring that BreweryDB will be available to you whenever you want it.

A few of the features that we have added:

Browsing BreweryDB

We now have a full section dedicated to browsing data in BreweryDB.  While you can still use our search page to find what you are looking for, you can now browse regional breweries, view a style guide, see apps created using BreweryDB’s API, and see our Brewers Guilds and their members.  These are just a few “starter” ways to browse BreweryDB, with more to come soon!

Adding Data To BreweryDB

We have overhauled the way that you can contribute data to BreweryDB, giving you a nice step-by-step process to add your favorite brewery or beer.  We’ve also made it easier to add events and brewers guilds to BreweryDB.

A New Home For Developers!

We love our developers!  We want to make it easy for them to start developing for BreweryDB so we’ve given them a whole new home!  We have integrated our old developer site with, providing API documentation, links to service libraries, and support resources.

Infrastructure Upgrades

WARNING!  GEEK SPEAK AHEAD!  Because we have been growing so fast, we have outgrown some of our resources.  With this update, we have now dedicated instances for serving our API, hosting our database, and powering our search.  We also have another web server to handle traffic to!  In other words, we’ve beefed up our service…a lot.  What does this mean to you?  It means more reliability and more speed!

We’re really excited about these updates, and hope you enjoy them!

PocketBeer for Android is Here!

PocketBeer is now available on Android!

The app is available immediately on the Google Play Marketplace.  The best part?  It’s FREE to download.  Just search for PocketBeer Lite!  We have also added a paid version of PocketBeer for only $0.99 which unlocks the “Favorites” feature.

We hope you enjoy the app!  As always, let us know if you have any suggestions or improvements.

Introducing PocketBeer for iOS

Introducing the latest app from PintLabs, PocketBeer!

PocketBeer is your sidekick on the path to better beer, and the perfect companion on your trip to the grocery store or local bottle shop.  Search for a beer by name or scan the UPC code to see all about that beer in your hand.  With access to thousands of beers in, and the ability to add more through PocketBeer, you are sure to discover some new and exciting brews.

The app is available immediately on the iOS App Store.  The best part?  It’s FREE to download!  We have added in an in-app purchase option to allow you to remove the advertisements and to unlock the “Favorites” tab for only $0.99.  An Android version is currently in development, and will also be free.

We hope you enjoy the app!  As always, let us know if you have any suggestions or improvements.

1,000,000 requests and counting

Last night, our BreweryDB API hit a pretty cool milestone.  1,000,000 API requests served since launching version 2 on March 23, 2012.  For anyone counting, thats 125 days.  Our average number of requests served was around 8,000 requests per day, although some were less and some – like yesterday (22,000+ requests) – were a lot more.

We have some of the most awesome developers building apps off of our API, and we couldn’t have reached this without them.  Keep up the awesome work!

In case you are interested, here are some other fun facts about the API since version 2 launched:

  • 1,000,000+ requests served
  • 400+ registered apps
  • ~15% increase in breweries/locations in the DB
  • ~20% increase in beers in the DB
  • Countless updates on existing beers and breweries

We’re very happy to have reached this mark, but we aren’t done yet.  We are on a mission to make the best, most complete beer API in the world, and we’ll continue to work every day to achieve that goal.  Thanks for all the support, and here’s to the next million!


BreweryMap 1.4 for iOS Released

We’ve just released a brand new update to your favorite brewery-finding app on iOS, BreweryMap.  This is a pretty significant update for the app and includes a ton of new features.  The most significant feature of the new release is that you can now add and edit the breweries and beers directly in the app!  Other features include:

  • Searching and filtering in beer and brewery lists
  • Saving of your recent searches for locations and breweries
  • Easy bookmarking of your favorite road trips
  • More minor enhancements and fixes

We hope you enjoy this update.  We’ve been working hard at PintLabs to deliver the best beer apps to you.  So get out this weekend, support your local brewers, and #findTheSource of your favorite brews.

PintLabs in Dallas, Texas at Lone Star PHP

Lone Star PHP 2012

This week Shaun will be making his way down to Dallas, Texas to speak at Lone Star PHP – a PHP technology conference which we are helping sponsor! He will be speaking on Elasticsearch which powers our BreweryDB search and more.  It’s a fantastic solution for searching and has helped us significantly improve our searching capabilities.

If you are at the conference stop by and say hello and grab some free stickers.  All Lone Star PHP attendees can get a special offer for 2 free months of Premium access to our BreweryDB API.  To get the access, head over to and signup for an account.  When you request a new application, just include #lonestarphp in the description of your app and we will give you 2 free months of BreweryDB Premium access!  After you sign up, we will upgrade your account to premium.  Make sure you let us know what you build!

And don’t forget to build something awesome with the BreweryDB API on Sunday at the API Hack day!

PintLabs at Startup And Play

The PintLabs team is proud to participate in the first ever Startup And Play event.  Startup and Play is a new showcase for some of the Triangle’s newest, hottest, and most awesome-est startups.  We will be out demoing BreweryMap, the BreweryDB API, and showing off some of the technology behind PintLabs.  You can’t ask for a better location…I mean, we are PintLabs and the event is at an awesome beer bar, The Flying Saucer in Downtown Raleigh!  Come have a beer and check out what we are up to.  Cheers!

Critical Info:

Where:  Flying Saucer, Downtown Raleigh

When:  May 30th, 2012 from 6:30PM – 9PM

Tickets:  Free, but RSVP at